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Mock up of the website for Little Bone Broth on an iPhone X

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Kia ora and welcome to our little corner of the galaxy. We are Starlifter.NZ and we make web stuff.

Starlifter.NZ is a web development studio based in the EPIC Innovation hub in Christchurch, New Zealand and lead by me, Benet “Dr” Hitchcock, a web developer with over 10 years experience.

Our approach to projects is collaborative, both with clients and partners. Instead of being a jack of all trades we work with people who are specialists in their fields. The Web is much more complicated to what it was 20 years ago (in a good way) and one person can’t do it all.

We also produce a #WebDev podcast for the more technically minded, the Starlifter.Dev Show.

Your’s in code,
Benet “Dr” Hitchcock
Head Starlifter

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